How to make this year count


At last 2014 , is upon us and what a long way we have come. I remember growing up the thought of the year after 2010 was unimaginable or even close to the “future” .It’s amazing how different the world is compared to the 1990’s .The most interesting and vital change I would say is the technology transition that we have gone through .I sometimes amuse myself just watching people so engrossed in their smart phones ( Personally being one of them ) that the thought of looking up and saying hi to someone seated right next to you would be considered too much of a strain while I can hit up a friend in another continent faster than you can blink. Honestly I think its sad.Whatever happened to catching up on the life of a co – worker in the elevator rather than just staring aimlessly at your phone .

With all these changes , a new year comes with new goals and setting up new year goals even though you may not pull through with them is a good sign .Its an indication that you want to better yourself .It means you want to be better than last year .It means you are welcoming change and change is a good thing.

It’s of absolute benefit to one ,to realize that they need improvement in their lives for us humans ,the only way to know that you are growing or maturing is to see a change from one state to another and a better one for that matter.

As the year rolls out, I think it would be great to do things differently this year.
Here is a list I came up with.

1. To grow spiritually
God is of complete importance in my life.Without him I cannot move forward in the year and thus every year I try to get closer to him ,to understand him better ,and worship him fully .
This can be achieved by reading scripture ( The Bible ) and praying everyday .
Also taking some quite time to listen to him in worship .When Jesus spoke of the Samaritan woman he said
John 4.24
…23″But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers. 24″God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” 25 The woman said to Him, “I know that Messiah is coming (He who is called Christ); when that One comes, He will declare all things to us.”… Remember God is a spirit and to worship him ,you must do so in truth and in spirit.

2.To love myself
I absolutely love myself ..I really do …well not the unhealthy way that turns to selfishness but the way that Jesus asked us to do .Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Its really hard to love others if you have not learnt the art of loving yourself.So how do I plan on doing this ?..Pay attention to you ,if something is causing you pain ,see a doctor, If someone is mistreating you this year LET THEM GO ,if you hate your job QUIT (but with a back up plan,please ) ,Time off to recover and rest occasionally ,devotion time to think about your life ,your goals and how to achieve them. Oh yes spa days ,massage is a must for loosening those tense muscles and wade off any negative energy that comes your way.

3.) To eat Healthy
Yep you have got to eat healthier than you do ..By that I mean no fries.I actually would love to report that I have not indulged in McDonald’s fries in years since I discovered in and out.So now I have to cut off that new addiction ..sad:( No coke ,NO rice ,NO chips ,NO fast foods especially Chinese,NO white bread,No meat ,No soft drinks .Okay then so what shall we eat ? Try Juicing or blending greens and fruits .You can pick and choose what not to eat but you get the idea stay away from unhealthy foods.

4.) To Exercise more
Pick up jogging.To burn calories for a healthier you ,you gotta run,jump,do push ups,Pilates,yoga ,whatever you wish JUST MOVE.Join Zumba classes ,a dance group ,soccer teams ..Just be part of something that challenges you and helps you burn more calories.

5.) To reinvent yourself
Like I said earlier you have got to always strive to improve yourself.If You don’t like your hair cut it ,Change your look or your wardrobe .Do not be predictable ..Find out who you are .Find your talent and invest in it .If you love to blog ,go on write ,if you love to sing ,make an album ,if you love to act ,join a play .Invest in yourself ,invest in your business ,invest in YOU ..

6.) To Give Back
One way I have found that truly grounds me is giving back to the less fortunate .sometimes we are so involved in ourselves that we forget that there are people out there that could use our help.There are plenty of ways that you can help ,you can look up online places to volunteer in your local area or join a local group that is making a change or if you lazy (Just kidding) just donate money online to an organization of your choice that would make a difference.

7.) To Spend less
Honestly we always spend more than we can afford.This year we should try and cut back on some spending like buying clothes even though your closet is almost running over with shoes and clothes.Have you ever tried to wear every piece of clothing in your closet .Try that this year and see how much you save from buying clothes.
Eating out in expensive restaurants while you can stay home and cook .And NO you really don’t need the new phone that just came out.

8.) To Keep less
Declutter your life..If you have very many clothes in your closet that you do not wear ,put them in a bag and drop them off at the local clothes drop off for people in need.Do a garage sale ..LET GO of stuff .Simplify your life..The more stuff you hold on to the harder it is for you to travel.(My theory)

9.) To Travel more
You haven’t really lived if you haven’t gone anywhere .Travel to a place you have never been before and meet new people .New cultures .It surely opens up your mind to a lot of things and the experience is always great .Remember to take pictures to add to your journal memoirs.

10.) To love more
Last but not least ,Learn to love everyone even your enemies .This world would surely be a better place if we all loved each other ,just as God loves us.We would be kinder to each other ,forgive each other ,help each other and grow together as one big happy family.Love your family ,they got your back no matter what ,call your mum more often and definitely don’t be afraid of falling in love.

So there we go ,,ten things we can do differently this year…Till next year ..Let’s make a difference.